Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sex Ed

WooHoo... school sent home a PARENT GUIDE for sex ed.

I get it.  I understand WHY they do crap like this, but really?  And it's great that they're discussing personal responsibility and maturity, but I don't want a BOOK of talking tips for my teen.  I've always resented discussion guides, can't explain it but I do. 

So we had a quick sex ed discussion.  It went like this - don't have sex.  And then I said not to touch anybody's boobies or their hoo hoos.  And then I realized maybe I should cover ALL aspects and quickly added to leave boys alone too.

He burst out laughing.

Like I was joking or something.  Dude, I'm serious.  No boobies, no hoo hoos.

CRAP!  I forgot to tell him about condoms.  Well, we should be okay since his dad and step mom hand them out in Christmas stockings.


  1. We had a talk here too. It was hard to know when to stop talking because the conversation wasn't really so much a conversation as me nervously rambling. And why so nervous I am the adult here right. GLad to hear it isn't just me

  2. Oh I can't wait for that.

    I gave you an award


    Don;t know if you accept them but here it is anyway!

  3. LMAO! That's fucking AWE-some!

    I would TOTALLY be the bitch who says,


    "Why Mom?"

    "Because then you'll get pregnant and end up on as many mother fucking medications as I am!"

  4. You're laughing now..............

  5. In the high school I work in, we regularly catch kids having sex, oral and otherwise, in various places throughout the school. I like to blame it on the parents for not saying, "No boobies, no hoo hoos." :)

    So you are one step ahead of lots of parents. But it can't hurt to mention that he shouldn't have sex at school. It's kinda gross.

  6. Hilarious! I used to teach high school English, and I hated sex ed. week! They always wanted to tell me what they learned - AS IF I wanted to discuss that with my students!

    But I did include a little sex-ed lesson in the middle of Romeo and Juliet: "If you're not ready to support yourself, you're not ready to have a baby. If you don't want to have a baby or get an STD, don't have sex. There."