Saturday, October 24, 2009

School Pictures

By now most of the kids across the country have had their school pictures taken. And so we wait for the outcome. Will they even be presentable to share with family or do we need retakes? Personally I block out that pictures are even due to come in and am totally surprised when the kids pull them out of the backpacks.

Of course with my bouts of A.D.D. having me forget that picture day is even coming up in the first place, I remember about three hours after the kids left for school that I should have given them the once-over before letting them out the door. It was several years after the fact that we noticed that my son, Keith, wore the same version of shirt THREE years in a row. Granted it wasn't the same exact shirt, but it does leave one with the thought that he's a huge St. Louis Blues fan.

Then there are the pictures the kids HATE. My daughter, Amanda, detests that she's missing teeth in this picture. Personally I adore it.

What do you do about pictures where the kid refuses to smile? Again, I find these priceless - these are me in first grade and Ian in Kindergarten.

And then finally the one that elicits commentary from the grandparent gallery, "you really should see if they can touch that up" Come on, she got a hold of stamper. It captures the time in the child's life when stamps and stickers MEANT something. Again, I find it priceless - my mom, not so much

So what treasured school pictures are in your stash? Any crossed eyes or tongues sticking out? Stray hair or food dribbles?

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