Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm not an expert, just a survivor. I don't promise solutions or even advice (although I do love to dole it out), but a place to find someone else who will say "hey, I've done that too!" or "I've been there". Knowing you're not alone in this crazy journey of parenting is sometimes just enough.

I have three children - a daughter 21, a son 20 and another son 12. I am in the midst of round three of puberty (his voice is changing and he spends countless hours in front of the mirror willing his mustache to grow - when he can sprout something thicker than the women in the family then he can brag) and two college students muddling through the beginning of adulthood and it's various and not-so-fun dilemmas.

I thought I would start my first post wondering about crazy stunts kids pull. A messageboard friend lamented just a few days ago about her toddler dashing out of sight only to be found several frantic moments later gleefully sitting in the bathtub.

Ah yes, the climbing years! I remember them so fondly. Fortunately I had only a few climbing episodes with my kids. I've heard horror stories of little ones sitting on garages, stranded in trees and hiding in kitchen cabinets. My middle child had a thing for the bathroom sink.

So here is child #2 after climbing up on the toilet and into the sink on two different occasions in two different houses...
One teeters between dashing in there and scooping him up before he topples over or grabbing the camera for posterity. Clearly I had my priorities in order as I opted for the camera over child safety.

So what are your climbing stories? What odd and unsuspecting places have you found your children?


  1. When my son was young, he's 40 this year, he loved spider man. Like spider man, he could climb walls. I found him more than once in the hall trying to span the three foot gap between walls. First it was a crablike skuttle several inches off the floor only to end in a sprawled crying heap. This went on for several years. When he was about seven, I walked down the hall to only find my daughters giggling looking up at the ceiling. There was spiderman cape and all about a foot off the ceiling feet and arms braced firmly against opposit walls. He was crying. He forgot the exit stratagy.

  2. You DID take pictures? Right??? I mean those are solid gold. Post them on facebook and make him shudder like a teenager because mom is playing with technology again. I love doing that to my kids. They get mucho sympathy from classmates.

  3. I have found mine in the sink as well. Sadly no pictures. ;(