Thursday, February 18, 2010

All Gussied Up

So many of the pictures of my children are snapped in everyday shots.  They are mostly blue jeans and tshirts sort of kids.  Fortunately littered throughout my collection are times my kids dressed up, sometimes quite willingly.  Beyond the mandated times of weddings and the sporadic dance, my kids have had plenty of other opportunities to dive into the dressier side of their closets.  Much to my delight they have done so quite willingly.

It's not much of a surprise my daughter is drawn to beautiful gowns.  I am surprised how well she pulls it all together - certainly not something she learned from me.  I'll have to blame her aunt.  What I did pass on to my daughter was the knowledge that accumulating pretty gowns doesn't have to break the bank, that with well-timed shopping excursions she can land some ridiculous sales. 

Now the boys, that takes a little more encouragement.  Yet when prom came rolling around, Keith went out on his own and managed a very nice tuxedo.

Like his siblings, Ian has been strongly encouraged to don the dress clothes for more than celebratory occasions.  Lately it has been less of a struggle and when it comes time to shopping for the next size he has been actively involved with very specific opinions.
I even managed to get him out on the dance floor - SCORE!  (And yes, that IS a Southpark tie)

They do make me proud.

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  1. Your daughter's gown is beautiful & love the South Park tie :)