Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Break Is Just Around The Corner

Last night Ian handed me the lunch menu for March.  First, I haven't seen a lunch menu since September.  Somebody has finally cleaned out his bookbag and I guess he doesn't want to clutter it with new handouts - makes me wonder what else I haven't seen.

But the bigger issue was that an entire week was blocked out for Spring Break.  Holy crap, is it that time again?  So soon?  Wasn't it just New Years Eve?  Hmmmm....

I guess I'll have a little tag along at work for a few days.  I'm sure he'll want to spend a few days of doing nothing - a skill I have cultured quite well in my children.

Spring Break!  Already! 


  1. I remember what is was like to have spring break! It was always so awesome, even if I was just at home sitting on the couch.

  2. You sent me to Super Stinky Boys and now I want to direct you to Out Of The Rut. She as just returned to blogging after too long of an absence and you will enjoy her boys Logan and Holden.

  3. Last year I instituted Pajama Day during Spring Break. A couple of other moms and I went to the mall in our pj's with our kids in theirs. It was comfy and pretty awesome -- a little something to break up the week! ;-)

  4. Spring Break!! Yea!! I can't wait for mine. Think it's the first week in April!! Enjoy!!