Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Banana Milk

We have bananas sitting on the counter.  They are like a beacon BEGGING to be eaten which is good because that's pretty much the reason we bought them.  But I have this routine set with Ian to call and ASK before diving into a food item as his after-school snack - it COULD be sitting there for another purpose.  We also have limits on snacks as this child will gladly graze all day long and never sit for a proper meal.

Today he hoped to toss me for a loop.  "What would banana milk taste like?"  I already know where he's going with this.  Clearly he's spotted the bananas and remembers the totally awesome thing I said the other night about a new way to peel a banana (by the way, thank you to the blogger who posted the link, sorry I forgot already who posted it).  First I speculate that banana milk would probably taste a lot like a melted banana milkshake.  Crap, I didn't sound surprised.  Oh well, he moves on and asks how to open the banana.   I explain the steps, clearly he has a banana in his hand as we're talking.



Then the mother in me kicks back in.  "Make sure you drink all of your milk and eat all of the banana."  I don't care that he's experimenting with his food just as long as he's not wasting it.


  1. I must try this at home. I must buy bananas. Thanks for the link!

  2. He said it was so so, not nearly as good as a milkshake.

  3. Going to get my husband to gank a banana from work to try this!