Saturday, February 13, 2010

Beyond Refrigerator Art

Last time I posted how I keep just about every piece of art my kids produce.  I keep it for posterity but also because I adore little kid art.  As my kids grew their skills improved and their art went beyond mere "kid art".  Both Amanda and Keith opted to take art classes for electives in high school and Keith majored in art in college.  Pieces continue to flow into my possession, but it's a crime to shove them into a rubbermaid tub in the basement.  They deserve to be framed....


After I uploaded these pictures it dawned on me that I have a few 3D pieces as well.  I'll post them at some point.  I'm also missing Ian's work.  Unfortunately I don't have any of his stuff framed.  His work is on display in my office cubicle.  He is drifting away from drawing and more towards industrial art.  Soon I'll be clearing off shelves to make room for his art next to his siblings.


  1. these are great - i can't throw away my son's art. i keep the best on the fridge, others i sent to my in-laws in australia.

    wanted to remind you, you are my top blog of the week on friday. it would be great if you gave a little mention of it on friday so if my followers hop on over here they aren't confused as to whether or not you are the top blog!

    thanks so much and congrats!