Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is one of those shots that just amuses the snot out of me.

Four families traipsed to Florida for a week-long vacation. We shared a large house that could accommodate all of us, 18 in total. It had ample restrooms and bathing facilities, but Ian begged and pleaded to just once use the "shovel bathtub", I think the shape brought on the name. It was located in the master bedroom, aka NOT my room.

So we got permission to use their tub and Ian gleefully stripped down and jumped in before it was finished filling with water. The "Halen Unit", daughters along for the trip, best friends for life, moseyed in to find out why we had invaded the temporary home of "Hal's" family.

Ian didn't bat an eye that the girls were gawking at him, he was proud that he finally got to use the "shovel bathtub" and was hell bent that no one was going to join him. And the girls were oblivious to the fact that he was naked. They were clamoring for their turn in the tub.

I ushered the girls out to go find their fathers, the moms were busy drinking at the pool, so Ian could finish his bath in peace.

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