Friday, January 8, 2010

Game Systems


For the better part of 2009 I've heard endless requests for a new game system - in particular the newest Xbox.  On and on and on.  Of course it made its way onto the Christmas list.  Then he discovered Flight Simulator and how perfect it would be for the now offline PC that he's basically take over since The Husband bought a shiny new iMac (yay me for converting the man to Apple!)  So now the PC is primarily a game center and that works quite well for Ian.

Let's review the current gaming systems available in the house, shall we?  Offline PC, shiny new iMac (with newest copy of SIMS - woot!), old Xbox, PSP (courtesy of his siblings for his birthday), forgotten Gameboy hiding somewhere under his bed, and an ancient Sega Genesis.

Does this child REALLY need another game system?  I think not.

But I kind of want Wii for the Fit thing.  And we found it on sale.  So we bought it and held it back for Christmas.  I subtly asked Ian his opinions on Wii as opposed to a new Xbox.  OH.MAH.GAWD!  Xbox is soooooo much better than Wii.  Wii is lame and only old people and little kids like Wii. 


Well, it's already purchased and we're old people and he has plenty of other sources of electronic amusement, he's just going to have to cope.  Suck it up.

And then came Christmas and the unwrapping of the big box labeled for our house address from Santa.  And all of the smaller wrapped boxes inside the big wrapped box.  The fun of a new game system and the array of different games to accompany it, wooo what fun!

Ian has been chomping at the bit to get the Wii set up.  Just push all of that Christmas crap outside and make way for the Wii.  I held firm that the Christmas decorations need to be neatly put away otherwise I will go insane and having seen me go insane he knows this is a valid threat and one to be feared, he then pleaded to set up the very light and small and portable Wii in his room until we get the family room cleared out.  Okay, whatever.

Wii is set up.  The little snot created my Mii with a SCOWL.  And he's proud of it.  The past twentyfour hours he has played bowling and golf and declared Call of Duty too difficult and he wants to shop for MORE games. 

So you LIKE the Wii?  "Yeah, it's alright, but I still want an Xbox 360"

Shut up and go play 100 pin bowling.

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