Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Playing In The Sand

I can't believe I had forgotten about this trip to the beach!  This was just us, a family trip to the west coast.

The boys had been busy digging a hole.

Eventually they asked to be buried as they pulled sand in on themselves.  Don't freak out, they aren't very deep and I kept asking if they could move limbs.  It only took a few seconds to burst out.

While my kids bicker and taunt each other, more often than not, they're getting along.  I like this shot as it shows the genuine companionship between my sons.  There was no, "this is my hole, go away squirty little brother and dig your own."  They easily took turns posing.

I always do a double take as the kid carrying the two buckets is Ian.  It looks like someone much older with a budding six pack.  Nope, just a scrawny eight yr old.

Notice the fifteen year old staring at the passing girls!  He may have been looking at something else, but I highly doubt it.

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