Saturday, January 30, 2010

Riding Shotgun

Of the 4,872,561,789,264,520,673 reason kids will fuss, bicker, bitch, wrestle; the number one argument in our family is who gets to ride in the frontseat of the car. 

I was able to postpone the arguments for several years since the kids were restrained in child seats in the back.  Once they outgrew the babyseat (remember, this was before every car was equipped with airbags) the fight was on. 

It was a fight I anticipated.  To this day my brothers and I would have a standoff in the driveway, arguing longer legs, age, built-in navigator abilities, or "you always get to ride with mom, it's my turn dammit." 


That last argument would actually be, "I ride with mom all the damn time, somebody else can sit next to her"  So maybe the fight has evolved as we fight over who DOESN'T get to sit in the front.  But there would be a fight, dirty looks and a mad dash to the car door.  You know, whoever reaches the door first gets to sit there?  Yep, because that is the LAW!

And here is my daughter, BREAKING THE LAW as she totally tries to overcome her bigger little brother.
So here is QandleQueen's solution to children arguing over the front seat - TAKE TURNS.  One gets the front going, the other gets the front riding home.  If you have multiple children vying for the front seat then you need to make enough stops along the way so they can each have a turn.  OR you can bring an adult with you.  Then the monsters are stuck with the backseat for the ENTIRE RIDE *gasp*.  Yeah, adults trump children every time.

And if they cannot resolve the matter among themselves in a peaceful, quiet and QUICK way, then you get in the car, turn it on, scream "I'm leaving" and put it in gear.  If they STILL cannot decide then everyone is stuck in the back.  Simple.  No whining or the front passenger seat is vacant for an entire week.

By the way, Keith kept his front seat claim in the above picture.  You do, though, have to admire the shock effect of sitting on the original seat squatter.

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  1. Oh the memories of doing this when I was younger with my siblings. Geesh! The crap we put my mom through!

    Now, the kids are putting me through that crap. As soon as I say we are going somewhere, you will hear screams of "SHOTGUN" all through the house. Then the bickering ensues with who said it first, who did I hear say it first, who sat there last time, an on and on and on. AHHHHH!

    And, like you, if they can't figure it out, all of them sit in the back. No if, and's or butt's about it.

    It amazing the next time how it manages to be figured out quite quickly and peacefully.