Sunday, January 24, 2010

Playing In The Sand

On my other blog I posted some beach pictures.  One of them, a boy buried in the sand and given a mermaid body reminded me of the one I took of my own son.

We were vacationing with 3 other families, my closest friends and their kids.  These four have been partners in crime since they were babies.

While Keith was taking a break from the water and sunning himself, the girls started heaping sand on him and molding him into a mermaid.

I'm amazed he stayed so still for the ordeal and submitted to their whims.

The boobies and lopsided nipples (superball and a seashell) totally crack me up.

Sadly this was the end of the four kids hanging out.  After this summer they began high school, started driving and having separate social lives.  They used to be thrust together in a yard or basement while the adults would drink, now they were old enough to stay home by themselves or babysit younger siblings.  Or they had to work.  Or go to prom.  Or whatever it is that teenagers do to not be home.


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