Monday, March 15, 2010

Family Night

Do you ever have night where you just play board or card games as a family?  We had a stretch where we were playing cards almost every night.  If it were up to Ian we would play a game of some sort every day.  It's good he likes playing, but it's a bit much at times.  He begs to play Monopoly but we have to talk him out of it, it just takes too freaking long to play.

He also enjoys puzzles however we don't have a decent table set up for it.  Puzzles are a huge thing between my mom and I and it's cool that Ian gets into like we do.  Maybe it's time to set up a card table and get a new puzzle?

So what non-electronic amusements are found in your home?


  1. Books. The girls are still young enough to still love being read to, and I love to read as well!

  2. Card games and MasterMind. Love that game!

  3. My husband and I have been playing games on Sundays for a while. Our favorites are Sorry! and Harry Potter Scene It. We do like to play cards though and have been caught playing Yatzee now and then.

  4. I had this idea for the family to put together a puzzle at Christmas time. Well, I just remembered where it is....not really even started and under my bed. I am going to have to get it out. We have played games but not in a long time!