Friday, March 5, 2010

A Letter TO The Youth Leader

Dear Troop Leader/Youth Volunteer/Sports Coach,

I'm new to this group, what is expected of me?  I would love to help out but you aren't very clear in what needs to be done.  The jobs you are offering require huge commitments of time and I fear, experience, neither of which I possess.  Isn't there something I can do that isn't so.... intense?

Your exuberant enthusiasm for this organization is not nearly as intoxicating and infectious as you had hoped.  In fact, it's a little off-putting.  I am glad to help, but I don't have the time to commit to four more evenings a month.  Are you people meeting crazy or what? 

Thank you for the invitation to be next year's cookie coordinator.  Exactly what am I getting myself into?  Oh there are extra meetings?  and a special training?  followed by more meetings?  I would have appreciated knowing that up front.  Maybe this is why you're not keeping parent volunteers around.  And, uh, can you reign in Crazy Mary?

On a side note, it's great that you are encouraging responsibility in my kid, but can you PLEASE communicate with ME?  Just give me a heads up as to what's coming down the pike.  You want Junior here to show up to next week's parade?  I need to know earlier than the night before.  How about a calendar?  A blurb on the internet?  Oh, and uh, I'm divorced (new concept, I know) and the kid's father would appreciate some communication as well.  He is not the devil, not a total uninvolved jackass like your ex and actually makes attempts to be involved.  Send communications his way too, hell ask HIM to be the cookie-whatever-title!  Thanks.

We, the parents, are just asking for a little communication.  A parent packet would be nice with a calendar, expectations of my kid and of me, a list of volunteer opportunities, a contact list of the other parents... oh you don't have time to do this?  I bet one of the parents could do it.  Just ask.

Please remember what it was like to be new, unsure, overwhelmed and very lost.

Thank You,
Concerned Parent


  1. It is the age old problem of "Don't ask, don't ask, don't ask again and no one is going to tell so you're up a creek." Tell them you will reign in Crazy Mary in exchange for information flow or if you don't get it, tell them you will encourage her craziness.

  2. This is perfect. Just send them an email with the link to this post, and your problems will be over.

  3. My husband and I are always struggling with the two families involved for my step daughter. Especially when its a bitter divorcee teacher.