Thursday, March 18, 2010

Puzzle Me This

Jigsaw Puzzles.  Either you love them or hate them.  I'm in the love group.  It's something I picked up from my mom who got it from her mom and I think my great grandmother was also into puzzles.  So maybe it's something genetic.  I know I passed it on to my kids, well at least to Ian.  Not sure if Amanda and Keith are as into them as I am, but Ian is certainly up for the challenge.

We're known for leaving a table out with a puzzle going for days.  As someone walks by they add a piece.  We can sit for hours hovering over the table staring at it, slowing pulling a picture together.

The challenge hits when you toss me and my mom together.  It's like high stakes puzzling or something.  Suddenly arms are flying across the table, hands are getting slapped, we're stealing pieces from each other, carefully guarding a set of pieces that will cluster into a significant portion of the puzzle.  The fight is to be the one who puts in the last cherished piece.  I think you could televise this, place bets and have a commentator.  It's worthy of the Olympics.

My grandmother tried to intervene, mistakenly thinking she could play along but she only pulled back a bloody stump.  My kids have tried getting in the action only to be beat down.  This is serious stuff folks.  And yes, it is just a stupid puzzle.

I may need a 12 step program.

So, are you into puzzles? 

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