Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rare Moments

Siblings fight.  If they don't then I need to know what you're putting in their Koolaid, because everyone I know has had a showdown or twenty thousand with their sibs.  So when you catch them being nice to each other, cooperating, you either need to worry because they're up to something or grab a camera because it's not going to last very long.
This lasted about ten minutes before one taunted the other and honestly I don't know who started it and if I speculate here I'll be accused of favoritism toward the other.  Sometimes the only answer is to close the door, walk away and let them fend for themselves.


  1. I used to fight with my sisters all the time, and though we still get into minor spats occasionally, nothing has ever been as bad as the time my older sister and I started throwing things at each other. I hit her in the head with a full, unopened can of soda and knocked her out cold. But that was only after she chased me around the kithen with a very large knife.

  2. My youngest and my oldest even now that they are out on their own accuse me of favoritism!! The fighting slows way down once they move out! Looks like you have a few years:)