Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday To My Daughter

To My Dearest Daughter,

How dare you grow up so fast!  How dare you make me feel old!  It's been one incredible ride, but I'm very glad back as a little cherub in your heavenly loft looking for parents here on earth you chose me as your mom.

You arrived on your own schedule

Never one to be hurried by others

Shy, but rarely quiet

Loving big sister


Sometimes pissy





Dedicated friend

To the little embryo that turned my world upside down, what on earth would I do without you?  You've turned into an amazing woman and for as much as I would love to claim all of the credit, so much of it is due to a large network of friends and family who love you so very much.  There's also that inner spirit, something you had burning inside you long before you took your first breath, something I knew long before anyone ever met you.

I love you to your very core and am incredibly proud of you - may you always dance.

Happy Birthday!


  1. oh QQ this was wonderful! you have a beautiful daughter and i love the baby pic with her head in her hands. so cute

  2. Beautiful :) She's the same age as I am! Happy Birthday!

  3. Aww. Happy birthday! It's amazing how fast the time goes with kids.

  4. What a wonderful post for your daughter!!!! Love how you worded it!!!